Hiking on the Inland Ice - Item 660

Join us on the Greenland Ice Sheet
Duration: approx. 3 hours
Season: winter

Point 660 offers one of Greenland’s most beautiful ice landscapes. Join us on this tour and get an experience of a lifetime as we head out onto the thousand-year-old ice. A landscape that may seem unchanging to many, but is changing every single day.

The mighty ice can be seen in many places along the Greenlandic coast. With a thickness of over three kilometers, the ice spreads a massive coldness that can be felt when walking on it. Venturing out onto the impressive ice sheet is a unique and unforgettable experience.

As we head towards Point 660, we follow the long Sandflugtsdal and the beautiful rushing meltwater river. The first thing we pass is the Kangerlussuaq golf course, then a miniature forest of coniferous trees, and then the cone-shaped rock Sukkertoppen, which at 400 meters impresses the landscape.

The route then continues through a landscape of ever-changing lakes, lush mountain heathland and dense willow thickets, interspersed with long stretches of barren sand dunes and mountains devoid of vegetation. In Greenland, this is referred to as a mild landscape with quite a rich flora. The climate is dry, but there are still several lakes. This is because the water is not drawn into the subsoil due to the permafrost. The dry climate also creates saline lakes, similar to desert lakes.

A few kilometers before we reach the outer edge of the ice sheet, the Russell Glacier, we turn off and head up the terrain towards Point 660. It’s one of Greenland’s most beautiful icescapes. Here you’ll be met with an impressive sight with the stunning ice sheet in the background and countless rows of glacier outlets – both to the north and south. Once we reach the edge of the ice, we park our car and head into the ice sheet itself.

Please note: On the tour it is necessary to climb a number of naturally created ice hills on your own. These will be partially covered by silt and moraine gravel. A path has been prepared, but be aware that it can be slippery in places, but don’t worry – your guide will bring walking poles and spikes.

Duration: approx. 3 hours
Season: winter

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