Russell Glacier Winter

Experience the impressive ice wall
Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Season: winter

One of Greenland’s biggest attractions is the impressive ice sheet. It’s not without reason that the area of Aasivissuit, home to the Russell Glacier, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As much as 80% of Greenland is covered by the ice sheet, but every year this area shrinks as the ice melts without the same amount of new ice forming.

Kangerlussuaq is the only place in all of Greenland where you can drive to the ice sheet. On this tour we head towards the admirable Russel Glacier. At up to 70 meters high, the wall stands as a bastion between land and ice. On the tour you can experience the exciting wildlife and be lucky enough to see reindeer and musk oxen. We set off in an off-road vehicle – a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Along the way, we will tell you about the area and its fascinating history.

When we arrive, there will be an opportunity to hike along the glacier. Here you can take pictures and enjoy the impressive surroundings. The silence is stunning, and the only thing that beautifully interrupts it is the rushing sound of the meltwater river.

We’re dealing with powerful forces. The moraines around the glacier are clear evidence of this. Kangerlussuaq Fjord measures 160 km. This is also where the name of the area comes from. Kangerlussuaq means ‘the long fjord’. On the ground, you’ll find gray silt – also known as glacial flour. Silt consists of very fine sand, clay, stone and gravel. It is derived from crushed rock, which is created by the slow movement of ice over the mountain. This silt thus generates meaning behind the impressive fjord’s color.

Join our winter tour to Russell Glacier for one of the most beautiful nature experiences Greenland has to offer.

Note: Keep a safe distance from both the meltwater river and the ice colossi, which can collapse without warning. It’s important to always remember that ice is an elastic material in constant motion. So you can still experience and enjoy it, but from a safe distance.

Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Season: winter

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