Dog sledding in Greenland

Join us on a fantastic tour with the famous sled dogs
Season: winter

Runs from approximately January 15th to approximately May 20th.

If you’re in Kangerlussuaq during the winter months, don’t miss out on the amazing experience of driving a dog sled. In Kangerlussuaq, the conditions for dog sledding are really good. We drive out on the frozen flat Lake Ferguson or Kangerlussuaq fjord, creating the perfect setting for a comfortable and smooth ride.

The Greenlandic sled dog is a working animal and not a pet. Therefore, you can’t compare it to the dogs most guests know from home. The sled dog has an iconic status in Greenland and has managed to maintain its distinctive and pure breed form.

For the tour, it will be possible to wear the same outerwear and footwear as the drivers themselves prefer. We’re talking warm leather clothing and good boots with the right insulation that the cold demands. We serve coffee, cake and packed lunches on the tour.

The dog sled tour goes out over the fjord. Here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while watching your dog’s excitement at being out and about. We’ll tell you about the sled dogs along the way. They work together as a team, but there is a clear hierarchy.

It is possible to combine dog sledding with ice fishing.

Season: winter

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